Thursday, April 10, 2008

What's This?

Interesting... so what's this that is showing up in my tools bar on the left, making Inkscape suck up even more vertical space? Interesting... could it be something I'm coding, but haven't quite finished due to prep for LugRadio Live USA? Could be.


AndyFitz said...

ERASER TOOOOOOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111 one one one

heathenx said...

Wow! That would be a welcomed tool...but please...I beg you...start a second column for the drawing tools toolbar or else I'll have to duct tape two monitors on top of each other to see all of them. :P

prokoudine said...

Eraser is fine, but who will fix CMS for Windows? :)

Valessio Brito said...

Very cooool this tool! Congratulations!

If one day the Inkscape to allow to define the form of the “brush” also goes to be very cool. Example:

I draw a star and go to define this object as "Pointer" of this new tool. E thus where I to click or to drag, go to leave forms of Stars for all the sides.