Friday, September 18, 2009

Libre Graphics Day Call for Papers 2010 is taking place in Wellington, New Zealand this year. It's a wonderful conference, with quite a lot going on. I was lucky enough to have a talk accepted this past conference, and it was a great experience. For next year's conference Donna Benjamin and I proposed putting on a mini version of the Libre Graphics Meeting for people who have not been fortunate to make one. It had been accepted, and we're in the final half of the CFP before it closes on Friday 25th September and we have to decide what to go with. Again, there is just one week left!

So, the mini Libre Graphics Day is on January 18th, and is planning to bring together programmers, artists, designers and just those interested in using graphics programs all together. If you are planning to attend and you might have something to say or show, please consider submitting a talk or such. This does not have to be just about Inkscape, since GIMP, Scribus, Krita and many others have all been involved in LGM.

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