Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Back on Track

After being bogged down with 'real life', I've finally managed to get things moving bak on track... so time to get back to the blogging. A lot has gone on, and is getting ready to happen. Conferences conferences conferences and more conferences, hardware, Inkscape hacking, and more...

We have a lot planned, and maybe something for most anyone. Inkscape has picked up a few more active contributors, and I've gotten progress on a few 'interesting' tweaks. Some seem just for fun, but others have good practical application. We're also trying to get together some more organized meetings, online and in person, so that will be good. Also look for more on the front to help promote Inkscape.

Much went on at this past linux.conf.au, with great people helping out and some really outstanding presentations going on. Bruce Perens had some very important things to say, and it looks to be very helpful. And I even had my talk on logo design for developers make it up online. (There are more going up over time, and the mirrors should be getting ogg versions too.)

Posts will show up highlighting things from linux.conf.au and SCALE10x shortly. There will even be a few photos here and there. Most importantly, though, is that things should get more and more active here, and posts should be quite regular now.

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