Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Enhancing tablet support

For some time I have been wanting to help with tablet support in Inkscape. Things have finally come together enough for me to get started. We've had at least one RFE on this for a while (bug #171265) The first step of this is in, and now has a preference setting to enable switching the Inkscape tool as different devices are used on the tablet (pen tip, eraser, mouse, etc.) The implementation will probably need a bit of testing and refinement, but it should be ready for users to check out. The coding is not that difficult; most of the real effort is with figuring out the behavior that needs to happen. At the moment the tool switched to is always the same for the same tool, but very shortly it will remember the last tool used. In the long run I'll probably be replacing our use of GdkInputDialog to provide easier configuration. However, the main thing missing is how different tablet setups are configured. Multiple pens, multiple tablets, non-Wacom tablets, etc. That's where feedback from end-users and testers really comes in handy.


Barts said...


I just recently got into creating graphics on Tablet PC (cheap used Toshiba M4) and vector drawings (Inkscape!).

I appreciate it a lot.

One thing that I would also very much like to see is the pressure sensitivity reading. Theoretically, Inkscape 0.45 should detect it, but it doesn't (calligraphy tool), even though I have Wacom drivers installed and all other programs (including Gimp) do.

Unknown said...

It's quite surprising there is no more comments on this post...

I may be a bit late (I find this post by this one ), but if you need testers for this tablet support, i'm up.

I've got a wacom bamboo and run gentoo linux with xorg-7.2 .

You can mail me at : kik at kikhome dot net