Sunday, April 13, 2008

LugRadio Live is on

LugRadio Live USA has opened, and the first day is done. All the prep didn't come of quite as we wanted, but things still worked out well. Inkscape got a nice placement near the front, right next to OpenSuSE (who has really nice Banshee shirts). The event is shaping up to be very good, and had many different people come by the booth. Early on Stuart Langridge stopped and gave hearty thanks to all you who make Inkscape possible. He'd picked it up and whipped up a graphic and banner for the event (blogged under "Coming to America" at the LugRadio Live blog). Overall things are better than I'd expected. Though the attendance might be smaller that some shows, the people attending seem very savvy. Then again, we also have a lot more people basically coming by to say Inkscape rocks. There were a few people teaching or knowing of people teaching it, and looking for more materials. A there were few people from different projects I got to talk to, including Behdad of Cairo. Several people had things we might want to look at adding or enhancing. Hopefully we'll get the details coming from them. For example, Miguel de Icaza came by with a few things he got from recently seeing some artists in action, and it struck me as possibly something to tie in with animation and possibly the script Ed Halley was recently doing. I've been taking notes, and will get some details out to the mailing list this coming week. More later...

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Unknown said...

Since Inkscape and OpenSuse are next to each other, perhaps you could talk about closer collaboration between the two?

There's an unofficial Suse package of 0.46, but a guy on the Inkscape mailing list is very keen to see it official in Suse.