Thursday, August 28, 2008

At SVG Open

Just a quick post about SVG Open.

I managed to get through my keynote and my CMS presentation without too much blowing up. The main problem was that despite the fact that I practiced timing earlier, once I was giving the talks the parts covered by slides took up all my time, and I didn't get to switch to the live demo bits I had prepared.

I'll have to take the time afterwards to write all up, but there has been a lot of good things going on. One thing I was asked about by Inkscapers was any interest in doing comics. By the end of the first day at least three different people had come up to me to mention Inkscape with comics. There is also some good work on accessibility that we'll need to look at integrating sooner if possible. Oh, and there was early mention of non-affine transforms and a few other nice things.

One of the things on the W3C front is the fact that they are winding up finalization of SVGT 1.2 and are about to hit a testing phase. The SVG Working Group is going to be running an implementors test thingie (my technical term) soon in Canada I was asked if Inkscape might have anyone local who could participate. Or if at the least we might run through the SVG 1.2 Test Suite and submit the results.

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