Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Color talk at linux.conf.au

I just got word today that the videos from linux.conf.au 2009 started showing up online, and mine was among the first set. The video is up in ogg, and should be nice and open, so grab it and check it out if you might have an interest. There's no interpretive dance, but there is juggling. The target for the talk was fairly broad, so as to be helpful to as large a group as possible.

Unfortunately, the other Inkscape presentations have not gone up yet, so we have to wait a little longer for the complete experience. Andy did a nice LPE talk, and Donna had a good intro class. I think the main problem with the latter was that there were more interested people than space for hands-on in the talk. Then again, that's usually a good problem to have, since it shows good interest.

You can download the video for "Why Color Management matters to Open Source and to You". I did get them a copy of the slides (which include full notes), but those don't seem to be online quite yet and are now up. The abstract for the talk has been online, so that's a handy summary to check and see if the video might be of interest.

Once more finish getting posted, I'll try to get a summary of some of the more interesting and/or useful up. Then again, they are good resource and are worth checking out overall.

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